Everyone runs out of wardrobe space at some point...

So we founded PAKT to solve those wardrobe headaches. Manage your wardrobe online with PAKT's digital solution.


& mould

Average humidity in HK is 75-90% and even when humidity is 65%, mould can grow quickly in cooler temperatures. Store your favourite clothes, shoes and other leather goods in our 'clean room'.


of space

Space is at a premium in HK and wardrobe space is usually the first to suffer. Store your off-season, special or rarely worn items and declutter your wardrobe.



Shopping is easy but who thinks of looking after those beautiful garments 6 months later? Or even knows how to? Let PAKT look after your leather jackets and furs, tailored suits and silk dresses. Check out our blog on www.wardrobetherapybypakt.com.



As a busy professional and frequent traveller, do you have time to manage your
Enjoy on demand collection and delivery, digital photo inventory and access to drycleaning, pressing and repairs at the click of a button.

Behind the Scenes at PAKT

Clothing care is really important to us. We are proud of our wardrobe concierge service. From the moment we collect your clothes, we show them care and respect. We know each item has a story and we want to preserve and enhance those stories. Have a look at how we care for your clothes.

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