TO GIVE BACK is part of PAKT’s culture

We want to reduce the pile of unworn, unloved and wasted clothing in your wardrobe. The PAKT Showroom provides a user-friendly and online platform that makes it easy for you not only to buy preloved fashion but donate some or all of the proceeds to charity. We also make it easy for PAKT Premium Members to declutter their wardrobe by selling or donating preloved and vintage clothing.

1. First Charity Partner - Hagar International

We are honoured to partner with Hagar International and delighted to feature 'Shop Hagar's Wardrobe' where not only can you find some great buys for your summer holidays but also see the impact your money makes for the women, children and men Hagar International helps every day.  PAKT will waive its admin costs in July and August for Hagar's Wardrobe so all the proceeds from your sale or purchase will go to Hagar International and support their work.


Hagar’s Background:

“Whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to restore a broken life."

Hagar International is a non-profit organization that specializes in restoring and empowering women, children, and men in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam whose lives have been devastated by extreme human rights abuses; particularly domestic violence, exploitation, and human trafficking. Since 1994, Hagar has helped over 10,000 survivors.

Hagar uses a holistic, individualised, and long-term approach that addresses the unique and complex needs of each survivor that enters our care.  Hagar’s programmes are conducted through the lens of our five domains of change, which we believe are essential in fostering life-changing transformation for survivors.

By buying from Hagar’s Wardrobe, you make a real difference:

300 HKD: Intensive counselling services for one month

800 HKD: One week's care for a woman at Hagar Women's Shelter

2,000 HKD: One teacher's monthly salary at Hagar's 'catch-up school'

Learn more at:

Shop Hagar:


2. Donate your Clothes through PAKT  

PAKT cares about clothes and the environment. We look after the clothes you love (remember it's easy to buy a beautiful dress but not as easy to care for it properly so it can be enjoyed season after season.)  And when you don't want a dress or pair of shoes anymore, use the PAKT Showroom to sell or donate them.  Make some extra money or donate the proceeds to charity.  Recycle or repurpose your clothes  - give them a second chance! 


3. Talk to us about other great Charities  

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about other great charities with whom we could collaborate.  Write to us on [email protected] or call +852 3462 9555.